Be more productive using the command line interface

Understand and learn program syntax with explanations from kmdr (kom·mand·er)

We break down commands to explain each attribute

Explanation coverage:

  • 302 programs

  • 1k subcommands

  • 13k options

Ways to leverage kmdr

kmdr explanations are available via the installable CLI tool, embedded in code snippets, and through a browser extension.

kmdr explain[s]

"git style" programs

Commands with multiple layers of sub-commands are explained by kmdr. Programs with this new CLI pattern include docker, kubectl, vagrant, pip, npm, yarn and many more.

Different option formats

Short and long format options are explained by kmdr. Changes in order, arrangement, or option groupings won't derail your command explanation.

Multiple commands and operators

kmdr can identify commands within a long query explaining every stage including any piping, redirection, list constructs, or operators.

Beyond explanations

Related programs

Helps you discover different ways to accomplish a task or execute an operation.

kmdr feedback|f

Provide us feedback as verbose as you see fit. We love to hear what users think of kmdr!

kmdr upgrade|u

Check to see if there is a newer version of kmdr than the one you are running
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