Increase productivity using the command line

kmdr helps you understand the syntax of CLI commands

Each attribute of a command is broken down and explained

Works where and when you find commands

kmdr runs as a browser extension and makes descriptions available for commands from any website where text is selectable.

Early Adopter Offering

The kmdr early adopter offering is 12 months of access to the browser extension.

By ordering now, you receive a lower price plus an invitation to opt-in for access to pre-release features.

Should you not be totally satisfied with kmdr in you first month, we are happy to provide a full refund of your purchase.

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$ 39 Yearly

Discounted 12 months of access to kmdr
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    On demand explanations for commands from your browser
    Get command definitions instantly on e very website
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    Save and share explanations in a personalized cheatsheet
    Save time and help boost productivity by saving frequently searched commands and their definitions.
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    Early access to new features
    As an early adopter, you'll get first access to pre-release features before anybody else!

Works with complex bash syntax across multiple lines

kmdr explains conditional structures, lists of commands, and anything else you can see in a common bash script

Extensive syntax coverage

Multi-line commands with multi-layered (git-like) subcommands, long and short options and operators included
  • +15000 options

    • ls
    • grep
    • git
    • sort
    • find
    • curl
  • +1500 subcommands

    • tar
    • akw
    • cat
    • history
    • ps
    • rsync
    • echo
  • +400 programs

    • uniq
    • npm
    • head
    • docker
    • kubectl
    • apt

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