Understand CLI commands and their syntax. Fast.

kmdr explanations and resources help increase your productivity on the command line.

Right-click to explain

The kmdr browser extension is focused on helping beginners learn to navigate their systems from the command line then fully utilize the terminal.

The kmdr App lets you access more info on programs and syntax and helps you to create your own learning resources

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    Browse and get more details on all the commands you have queried using the kmdr browser extension or kmdr-cli tool

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    Cherry pick your most used or most confusing commands into your cheatsheet. 

    Like all commands in the App, in your cheatsheet you can mouse over syntax for explanations and replace confusing notes.

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    You can share commands with friends and colleagues or embed them into your own website.

Explanations in your website

Code snippets with explanations embedded benefit everyone, they facilitate shorter docs and a fast understanding of new commands.

Code snippets can be customized and wont slow down your website


Explain in the terminal

The kmdr-cli tool is for those already working from the CLI seeking to know exactly what they are executing in a command.

Runs on Unicorn Platform