Learn command syntax. Fast.

kmdr browser extension transforms code blocks to help you understand Terminal commands where and when you find them

You'll understand commands faster when you learn about them in context.

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    • Syntax highlighting

      See the difference

      Syntax highlighting makes long or complex commands easier to understand. We'll consistently differentiate the parts of the commands you are looking at.
    • Coding

      Stay in your session

      No need to open a new tab. We'll show you definitions for each attribute in Bash code blocks inline or upon right-click. You can use the CLI tool if you're looking to avoid context switching from your terminal.
    • cheatbook

      Keep a cheatsheet

      Save those commands and explanations you need most all in one place. You'll get access to a kmdr portal for saving, sharing, or even embedding commands.

    What others are saying

    • "The strength of kmdr is that it can split a complex command and explain it to you one by one. Even the meaning of parameters is explained clearly, so that you can see the meaning at a glance."

      David Wong, DevelpPaper
    • "Kmdr can understand complex, long and sub-commands. It will also understand the commands that include piping, redirection, list constructs and other bash-builtins and operators. Kmdr gets you the explanation of wide range of programs, tools, and utilities"

      Senthil Kumar, OSTechNix
    • "The Linux terminal can prove confusing for new users, but it’s often the easiest way to run commands. Learning how to use the terminal can supercharge the Linux experience for users.

      Once you know what a command does, you can be comfortable using it in the future. If you’re struggling with Linux commands, you can use the Kmdr tool to explain them."

      Ben Stockton, Make Tech Easier
    • "If you are struggling with commands in the Linux terminal, Kmdr can help you decode them. This is a useful tool, especially for Linux beginners."

      Marvin Fry, TipsMake.com
    • "There are various kinds of commands, arguments, and symbols used in combination with other programs, and it may be difficult to understand what kind of operation the command performs unless you are accustomed to it.

      The best way to find out what a command does is to read a document, but if you want a quick look, try using software called kmdr.

      Ryomatsu, Lonely Mobiler
    • "With this tool getting the explanation of a CLI command is easy."

      Damien A., ubunlog

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