Explain in the terminal

The kmdr-cli tool is for those already working from the CLI seeking to know exactly what they are executing in a command. 

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How it works

We will return a breakdown of commands including syntax highlighting from your terminal.

  • 1. Install the CLI tool

  • 2. Create an account

  • 3. Start querying commands and learning syntax

  • Docker exec
  • Git clone
  • Grep
  • Sudo rm
  • Ls redirect
  • Tar
  • Git commit
  • Circles

    See the difference

    Syntax highlighting makes long or complex commands easier to understand. We'll consistently differentiate the parts of the commands you are looking at.
  • Terminal (1)

    Stay in your session

    Stay in the Terminal and understand commands where you are. You can use the Chrome extension if you're looking to avoid context switching from your browser.
  • School

    Keep a cheetsheet

    You can still use the kmdr portal for saving, sharing, or even embedding the commands you query from the cli.

kmdr is proudly supported on:

  • Linux
  • Apple
  • Windows

Understand commands and feel good about hitting execute

Runs on Unicorn Platform