Explain without leaving the Terminal

For those already working from the CLI seeking to know exactly what they are executing in a command.


Stay in the terminal and check what each attribute executes

No need to open a browser, check what you're about to execute by running kmdr explain


kmdr is proudly supported on:

  • Linux
    Available Today
  • Apple
    Available Today
  • Windows
    Available Today


  • Greenway

    For terminals with the classic dark color scheme

  • Dia

    For developers we're unsure we want to trust

  • Kmdr themes art


Available Soon!

  • Architect
  • with Browser Extension

    If you see a command you fancy using the browser extension, you can pull it to your terminal to execute.

  • with App

    Features on the kmdr app such as details pages, embed, share, and cheatsheet available from the CLI.

Runs on Unicorn Platform