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Code snippets with explanations embedded benefit everyone, they facilitate shorter docs and a fast understanding of new commands

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These definitions were first rendered using the browser extension and are made available on this website using the embed feature from the kmdr App.

Custom Branding

Contact us for creating a custom look for the code snippets in your documentation

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Won't slow down your site

kmdr explanations are cached in our server the first time you load them using the browser extension or cli tool. This allows the explanations embedded to your site to be rendered in miliseconds!

(The gifs below take longer to load than our code snippets)

Kmdr embed perf

Embed any command in three steps

Using the kmdr App, you can quickly and easily embed commands in your website

  • Kmdr ext explain
  • Kmdr webapp make public 3
  • Kmdr webapp share

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Examples of websites with kmdr embedded explanations

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