Understand each part of a new command

The kmdr browser extension lets Computer Science beginners get explanations for commands where and when you find them.

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    The kmdr browser extension works on any website

    Stay in your session

    We know tabs are free, but context switching can be time consuming and lead learners down rabbit holes.

    The kmdr browser extension works on any code you select in your browser. This means there is no need to exit the page you are on to look up what a command does or find out more information.

    You get a break down of each attribute that makes up a command without losing any momentum in your research session. Simply select the code you want explained and right-click.

    Select multiple lines of code

    The kmdr browser extension allows you to get explanations of commands that are part of (or are long enough to take up) many lines of code.

    • Kmdr extension complex

      Commands in a complex structure

      The program, subcommand or option that you want to learn may very well be a part of a complex structure that makes searching for or understanding the command more difficult.

      kmdr can help you differentiate the parts of the code you are looking at and explain the attributes of the commands within it.

    • Kmdr ext explain

      Commands in a script

      The ability to select multiple lines of code means you can get explanations for full scripts, or parts of a script that you want to understand

    Works where you do

    kmdr is proudly supported on

    • Chrome
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    • Firefox
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    Runs on Unicorn Platform