Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why enhance snippets on the browser?

    We developers spend up to 20% of our coding time on the browser looking at or for coding resources [1]. We search for examples in pursuit of re-usable code when starting with a new framework; we browse project documentation , and look for information on our bug fixes; and while doing so we find that answers with snippets are more useful than those resources without [2].

    Kmdr focuses on improving the snippets developers seek out to make the hunt for resources more efficient. Switching applications is a threat to productivity [3] and the current practice of developers copying and pasting code into an IDE isn't an effective use of time nor is it aligned with how we learn [4].

  • Where does the Quick Info come from?

    Kmdr's Quick Info comes from our database and is sourced from official documentation and manual pages so that you don't have to read them. We have technical writers constantly improving Quick Info to make sure it's consistent, concise and can stand alone. We are also constantly adding to our database.
  • Does the extension work on any website?

    Kmdr detects HTML, CSS, and Bash code-blocks and transforms them depending on the options you set. So long as the code-block has been documented as one of those three types, it will be able to be enhanced by Kmdr.

    For terminal commands, you can select and right-click to get a modal window regardless of where you find the commands.

  • How can I receive software updates?

    Chrome users will automatically receive updates as soon as we release a new version.
  • For terminal commands, which shells can be parsed by Kmdr?

  • Why an extension?

    Incredible websites exist with many, many answers to our coding questions, however, developers are not loyal to specific websites for coding resources in that the majority of the time we use search engines first [1]. When we are met with a plethora of websites containing snippets, an extension allows Kmdr to move with developers; enhancing snippets wherever users find the information relevant to them.
  • Why Quick Info?

    We lose track of our goals when we change contexts [1]. Quick Info is Kmdr's first IDE feature to help users understand the syntax of the code they find so that there's no need to open a new tab nor application. Users can stay on the website they're on and continue to see the code resource in context while understanding what a particular keyword in the code does.
  • Are you making (or planning to make) revenue by selling user data?

    No. We are not and have no intention to sell user data. And it isn't about taking our word for it; we only store information essential to improving our product - storing more than that is just risky. See the list of what is stored (and what isn't) in our privacy policy or contact us directly with your specific question.
  • What browsers are supported?

  • What CLI programs/tools does kmdr understand?

    There are hundreds! You can visit the detailed list at
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