Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the extension work on any website?

    So long you are able to select text on the website, then yes! It does not render definitions for commands in images or PDFs.
  • What's the difference between the kmdr-cli and the browser extension?

    The definitions returned in kmdr-cli and the browser extension are the same today and have been upgraded to use a new and more powerful parser. The extension, however, supports more advanced features than kmdr-cli such as multi-line commands. By nature of already using their browser, the learner experience is more streamlined with the browser extension when taking advantage of the command details and features in
  • What browsers are supported?

    Chrome and Firefox
  • Which shells can be parsed by kmdr?

  • What CLI programs/tools does kmdr understand?

    There are hundreds! You can visit the detailed list at
  • How does kmdr differ from explainshell?

    First thing is first: We love .

    Here's some of what makes the projects different:

    kmdr supports accounts that allow users to utilize resources from our portal . kmdr has enabled command sharing, cheatsheet creation, and explanation embedding and will continue to develop unique features for users through their accounts.

    kmdr was born from a CLI tool. In the future will auto-sync kmdr’s cli tool and browser extension to enable a seamless path for users to go from their browser to their terminal, and vice versa.

    kmdr supports complex commands, variable assignments, command expansions, subshells and multiline explanations. kmdr can explain modern CLI tools with complex subcommand structures like docker, kubectl, npm, go, apt, etc. It can also parse complex bash constructs and explain multiple commands across multiple lines.

    kmdr’s descriptions and coverage are ever improving and go beyond what’s in a man page. kmdr is an active and maintained project. Our team is constantly improving on our explanations, coverage and features.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Google Pay or any other credit card like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We use Stripe as our payment platform.
  • How can I receive software updates?

    Chrome and Firefox users will receive updates as soon as we release the new version.
  • Does it work offline?

    No. As of now, you can only use kmdr-cli and the browser extension as long as those clients can reach out to our API backend servers.
Runs on Unicorn Platform