Get started with kmdr on the terminal

How to install and use kmdr cli

    Install kmdr-cli

    You will need to install the kmdr program and sign-in to begin using kmdr on the CLI.


    • Node.js v8.x and above
    • A package manager like npm or yarn

    Check installation

    Run the command ` kmdr` to check if it was correctly installed on your system.

    Sign in

    1. Log in on the kmdr-cli tool

    2. Enter your email when prompted

    3. Check your inbox and click on the link provided in the email.

    Explain a command

    Once kmdr-cli is installed on your system, enter kmdr explain to return a prompt for entering the command you would like explained.

    When the Enter your command: prompt is returned, enter the command you would like explained and hit the Enter key.

    kmdr will return syntax highlighting to assist you in differentiating parts of the command followed by the explanation of each of these parts.

    Example output: `ls -alh` command

    Kmdr explain output

    Change theme

    Go to settings and enter your preferred color theme settings from the options which are listed.

    Kmdr themes
    Runs on Unicorn Platform