Get started with the kmdr browser extension

Try for free for two weeks. Purchase through the Pro plan.

Add the extension to your browser

The browser extension is available on Chrome and Firefox.

Head to their stores to add kmdr

Log in to kmdr

This is the final step before you can use the extension.

  • Click on the kmdr icon

    This may be a puzzle piece icon in the top right corner of your browser

  • Enter your email and click `Log In`
  • Check your email

    Your access will be granted upon clicking the link.

Try explaining your first command

npm install kmdr --global

npm install kmdr -g

1. Highlight/select the command you want explained

2. Right-click and select `Explain Command` option in the drop down

  • 1

    Highlight/select and right click to explain

    Highlight/select the command or commands you want broken down and explained

    Right click and choose `Explain command` in the dropdown menu

    Screen shot 2020 08 31 at 12.08.06 pm
  • 2

    Mouse over syntax highlighting to see description

    In the modal window generated mouse over the syntax

    Click on the `Learn more` button to see more details on the command

    To exit, click off the model window or hit the `esc` key on your keyboard.

    Screen shot 2020 08 31 at 12.09.55 pm
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Runs on Unicorn Platform